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HEALY is a holistic wellness device used to balance and support the body's bioenergetic field. Through the use of a patented QUANTUM SENSOR - based on the science of quantum physics - the HEALY can measure and analyse specific energetic imbalances on a physical, mental and  emotional level . It then targets and delivers customized and specific frequencies to realign cellular, emotional and/or energy centers to regain bioenergetic balance. Healy is small, compact and easy to use via an App on your mobile phone - anywhere anytime!

Healy World Products are a Complete System

  • Healy provides your body with the right frequencies
  • The HealAdvisor Search App* finds the right Healy IMF programs
  • The Digital Nutrition App* finds the food your body needs and suitable IMF Healy programs that contain the resonant frequencies for individual vitamins and minerals for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field
  • The Healy Watch measures parameters of your body which help to evaluate which Healy IMF programs are best for you. The Healy Watch connected via Bluetooth supports you when it comes to knowing your body. The Healy Watch Connector App module helps you to find the right Healy IMF programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. Experience scientific algorithms for frequency measurement of your bioenergetic rhythm, exercise, sleep, breathing and lifestyle topics.

Holistic Health is the sense of unity and coherence of body, mind and soul, experiencing an all inclusive wellbeing and vitality. It allows you to participate in life to your full capacity. A  Healy device is loaded with  a number of Healy IMF program groups for harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field. Categories for Healy lifestyle include: 

  • Energy and inner balance  
  • Support your immune system  
  • Balance and Enhance your metabolism  
  • Pain Relief  
  • Balance your mental and emotional wellness
  • Get deep restful sleep    

Change your Frequency - Change your Life

Gold Cycle

Local Stimulation

  • The programs within Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle are valuable all-rounders, providing support and prevention, recovery from negative influences, optimal energy balance, well-being, and relaxation.



Sleep / Job


Mental Balance

Meridians 1

Meridians 2

Bioenergetic Balance 1

Bioenergetic Balance 2


Protection Programs

Deep Cycles

  •  Even the slightest pain, if you must endure it long enough, can make everyday life unbearable. This program is designed to help you get by on as little medication as possible.

  • Whether at school or learning online: This helps you absorb knowledge faster and easier.
  • Bring out your top performance, or simply stay healthy and fit: here are the programs to support you.
  • Only those who sleep well can be rested, healthy and able to perform work all day long.
  • The skin is your protection and your largest organ. Beauty comes from within. The Healy Beauty programs are designed to bring out your beauty.
  • Face your life balanced and full of confidence. These programs support you.
  • The Meridians are like energetic highways in the body and are used in acupuncture. The Yin meridians help to calm and relax and the Yang meridians; stimulate.
  • Stimulating the flow of life energy that connects everything. 
  • All-round Health with the “Digital first aid kit”
  • The second part of All-round Health with the “Digital first aid kit”
  • Strengthen your seven ethereal energy centers
  • Providing protection against harmful environmental influences, wherever they may come from. 
  • These frequencies offer a large range of possibilities on an energetical level. It is said that clients go through cycles during applications. There are daily, weekly, and monthly cycles as well as the classic application cycles. The physical and energetic bodies go through different cycles of healing, release and letting go. In this deep cycle program, we have energetic detoxification, support of key organ systems, and working with the energetic root cause. It can, therefore, be very helpful to find out where you may sit in your current cycle so that you select the appropriate program to balance and support your current energetic state of being as you grow, expand, and evolve.
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Healy Add-ons

Introducing the Healy Coil

Cable-free harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field!

  • There may be times when you find using the cable electrodes awkward or inconvenient.  In these situations you can now use the Healy Coil. The Coil allows you to transmit Healy frequencies without cables.

Practical and Innovative

  • Coils that are based on the principle of Quantum Potential (QPF) have been widely used in recent years.  They are also an ideal medium for cable-free transmission of Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Healy programs into the Bioenergetic Field (BEF)!
  • The Healy Coil is a complement, rather than a substitute, for the cable electrodes: Cable electrodes are used both for influencing the Bioenergetic Field and for applying microcurrent to the physical body; whereas the Healy Coil can only be used for Healy IMF programs.

The Healy Watch

Looking after all your bioenergetic needs, the Healy Watch is the next evolution of finding your body’s rhythm.  The watch will properly measure and analyze your body taking the guess work out of looking after your vitals.  The unique syncing system will “talk to” your Healy providing you with suggested frequencies to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field.  

Sophisticated algorithms from leading international experts help you track your progress towards your fitness goals.

Digital Lifestyle Wearable

  • A watch with high precision automatic synchronization
  • Check your incoming messages, calls and social media
  • Vibration alarm
  • Music player control
  • Weather report
  • Phone search
  • Timer
  • SOS function sends an alert to the emergency contact you program

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Intelligent Design

Inventors, Founders and Visionaries of Healy


The founder of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute was born in 1966. During his studies of physics and philosophy in Heidelberg and Hanover, he developed the vision of exploring the interaction between matter and consciousness. This synthesis between science and philosophy is a recurrent pattern in his life. Among other things, he has also studied Vedic philosophy and architecture during his stays in various Indian monasteries. His encounter with the physicist Burkhard Heim, as well as his work on his own books about science and consciousness 'The Last Secret and the Field of Life', laid the theoretical foundation for the development of Information Field technology. Through an intensive examination of Heim's model of the 12 dimensional structure of the universe, Marcus Schmieke gained a deep understanding of the physical information field. In 2007, based on the work of Burkhard Heim, the Russian physicist Nikolai Kozyrev and other scientists, Marcus Schmieke developed the first TimeWaver system and thus brought information field technology into practical application for the first time. Within a very short period it proved to be a success in complementary medicine. He also wrote more than 20 books about the connection of mind and matter and other spiritual and scientific topics, which have been translated into several languages. He is also the co-founder of the Tattva Viveka magazine, a forum for philosophical and scientific exchanges. Marcus Schmieke is the founder of the Vedic Academy e.V (now ConScience e.V.), co-founder of the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) near Berlin, where he is investigating the interaction between matter and consciousness with several international physicists, and founder of the Existential Consciousness Research Institute ECR, which organizes the international Worlds of Consciousness events. He is adjunct professor at the Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India. He gives lectures on scientific, philosophical and medical topics worldwide.

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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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